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The St Louis Legacy Project is a not for profit 501 c(3).

Mission: The mission of the SS St Louis Legacy Project is to promote greater awareness and dialogue on issues of human rights, immigration, and refugee policy. Through its proprietary education through drama program the Foundation produces events, educational presentations, and curricula that serve a worldwide student body as well as institutional and communal audiences. Our educational platforms feature the dramatization of signal events in world history, including the story of the voyage of the SS St Louis.

Vision: Education Through Drama programs that impact the new media learning environment.

About Us

A new educational paradigm that responds to both our multi-cultural society and our contemporary student’s need for higher levels of learning stimulants that seek to capture hyper-speed imaginations.

The SS St Louis Legacy Project uses education through drama to address this need.

We breathe life into the most compelling issues of society through live theater, docu-drama film and visual exhibitions. Our theatrical presentations (The Trial of Franklin D Roosevelt and The False Witness) have been performed throughout the US and have impacted learning perceptions and stimulated dialogue for thousands of students and communal audiences.

Our new film, COMPLICIT, opens at the Movies of Delray on May 6, 2013.  The film weaves the story of the SS St Louis into the political drama unfolding within the Roosevelt Administration regarding its policies on the Jewish refugee issues during the wartime period.

The film addresses the then and now issues of immigration, refugee policy and the civilized world’s response to genocide.

Complicit Movie Flyer

Our upcoming event at the US Department of State will mark a watershed moment in American and Holocaust history.

Our vision is clear – Our future is bright – Our dream is big: Education for the New Student in the New World

We offer you the opportunity to partner with us to make educational history at your university, high school and community organization.

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