Officers and Board

Robert Krakow, Executive Director

Robert Krakow is an author/playwright/documentarian. He began his artistic endeavors in the late 1980’s with his acclaimed play The False Witness: The Trial of Adolph Hitler and more recently The Trial of Franklin D Roosevelt. Krakow’s research, study and understanding of Judaic history and religion drive his approach to theater and film. His goal is to inform and educate audiences about historical justice and the need to look beyond conventional wisdom to find the root causes of anti-Semitism and racism. Krakow is a graduate of Georgetown University Law School. His strong interest in criminal law has influenced his creative choices. While practicing law, Robert was also a member of the adjunct faculty of American University and Catholic University Graduate School.

Ruth Ann Kalish, Ph.D, Associate Director

Ruth Ann Kalish is a therapist, educator, and businesswoman. As a professor and administrator at Emory University School of Medicine she developed and managed innovative curricula; and as a businesswoman she consulted with organizations worldwide, educating boards and developing successful business strategies. Her research and education in the field of post Holocaust education includes bringing to audiences her knowledge and insights on Looted Art and its restitution in today’s world. During the past six years Ruth has worked with Robert Krakow producing his plays and coordinating events for the Project. Kalish was educated at Boston University, Emory University, Georgia State University. Her Phd is in Psychology, and she has completed post doctoral work at Harvard University on policy and management. She has been adjunct faculty at numerous colleges and universities.  

Board of Directors:

  • Robert Krakow
  • Ruth Ann Kalish, Ph.D.
  • Herbert Karliner
  • Robin Isaacson
  • Jonny Krakow
  • Dr. Steve Melman
  • Phyllis Liss
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