Education Through Drama

The SS St Louis Legacy Project has a pipeline of creative properties in the “new media” genre appealing to the “new media” attention span of the contemporary student. These educational platforms, plays and historical exhibitions, have been over the last 20 years and are based on the creative work of Robert Krakow. They include The Trial of Franklin D Roosevelt and False Witness: The Trial  of Adolf Hitler.

Set before the Eternal Court of Justice, The Trial of Franklin D Roosevelt, explores the historical and political forces that influenced Franklin D Roosevelt’s policy of restricting immigration to Jewish refugees seeking haven in American and on the failure of the US State Department to assist the Jews in Europe including failure to accept the 909 Jews aboard the SS St Louis. Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes acts as Prosecutor and John F. Kennedy is the advocate for President Roosevelt. Witnesses include Eleanor Roosevelt, Ambassador Joseph Kennedy, Secretary of State Cordell Hull and Franklin D Roosevelt himself.

THE FALSE WITNESS is a morality play which questions our right to assign the blame for the HOLOCAUST only to Hitler and his THIRD REICH. This play challenges the conventional wisdom and seeks to lift the curtain on the subject of WHO IS REALLY TO BLAME.

The audience is impaneled as the jury and the indictment against Hitler is read. Defense Counsel begins to argue his case for the innocence of Adolf Hitler and his program of Genocide.. The Defense Counsel enters his evidence and brings forth his witnesses to prove that Hitler cannot be guilty because HE WAS ACTING IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE WISHES OF MANKIND.

The testimonies of William Shakespeare, Richard Wagner, Henry Ford, Franklin Roosevelt and Pope Pius XII are brought before the jury as the Defense Counsel, Martin Luther, argues that the greatest personalities in the history of civilization shared Adolf Hitler’s view of the Jewish threat to Western Civilization.

As the Prosecuter, Frederick Douglass, cross examines the witnesses, he uncovers the real motives for their anti-Semitic agenda. The jury is called upon to decide the guilt or innocence of the witnesses based upon the charge of complicity in Crimes Against Humanity.

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