Making History on December 12th 2012

On December 12-14, 2009, the principals of the SS St Louis Legacy Project assembled 33 surviving passengers of the SS St Louis in Miami Beach, Florida for an historic 70th anniversary reunion at the location where the passenger were denied safe haven 70 years before. In addition to the passengers, the event was attended by dignitaries from the US Congress, the European Diplomatic Corps and internationally recognized institutions such as the US National Archives, the US Holocaust Museum, the Shoah Foundation, the Joint Distribution Committee et al.

Within sight of the palm trees that they had seen as children, the passengers signed Senate Resolution 111, the first ever US acknowledgement of the tragedy of the SS St Louis that had been passed by the US Senate eight months before. This document carrying the signatures of 33 survivors of the SS St Louis was then accepted by Richard Hunt, Director of the Legislative Archives of the National Archives, into the Treasures Vault of the National Archives. Director Hunt in his moving speech told the assembled passengers guests and dignitaries that

The Secretary of the Senate and the Clerk of the House have agreed to add this Resolution to the Legislative Treasures Vault where the greatest records in the history of American Government are kept . . .

. . . This particular record (the Resolution) will be housed in the cases and Treasures Vault that housed George Washington’s inaugural address from 1789.

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